Town of Lyman

A Great Place To Grow



 When is town hall open?

Mon - Thurs 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Fri 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

 When do I need to buy a building permit?

You need to buy a building permit on any new construction, including a house, new additions, garage, shed, fence, deck etc. Permits are available at the Town Hall.

 I am moving a trailer into town what do I need to do?

A trailer set up permit is required when you move a trailer into town or from one location to another in town. Permits are available at the Town Hall.

 Who is responsible to clear snow from the sidewalks?

The property owner is responsible to remove the snow.  Remember, snow should be pushed onto the grass not into the street.

 Where do I go to sign up for water/sewer service?

Go to the Town Clerk's Office.  If you are a renter, the Town requires a $150.00 deposit
to be paid before service is connected.  The deposit is refunded when service is discontinued.  Please give the Town 24 hours notice to connect or disconnect the water.

 Who needs a business license?

Anyone selling goods or services, soliciting business or using any vehicle or premises in the town for any business purpose.  The license fee is $25.00 and is good from January 12th through December 31st of the year in which it is acquired.

 What part of the water line is my responsibility?

The property owner is responsible for the section of line from the curb valve to the house.  If you have a water leak in the house, there is a shut off valve under the house that you can turn off yourself.In
nonemergency situations, the Town requires 24 hour notice to turn water
on or off.